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About copyright and trademark right

All the files, pictures and illustrations, etc. on this site are protected by copyrights of Naigai Chemical Products Incorporated Company (“the company” below) and the third party.
The contents must not be altered, opened to public and used for any purposes and in any forms without being permitted by copyright holder, except for the situations above and in case of being stipulated by the copyright acts.
The right to upload trademarks, logo marks, trade names belongs to the company or our right holders. And it is stipulated by the trademark act that these trademarks, logo marks, trade names cannot be used without out being permitted by our company.
For the contents of the site, we don’t make any promises for the copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, and any other rights, and we also don’t guarantee the contents of the site.


Our company and our related companies shall not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, and safety, etc of the published contents on the site, and the published contents of this site may be altered or deleted without preliminary announcements.
Moreover, our company and our related companies shall also not guarantee the functions and safety of the site, the site may stop working without preliminary announcements.
Our company and our related companies shall also not bear any responsibilities for any losses caused by wrong published contents, alteration or deletion, or the problems of the site, and the site’s stopping working for any reason, etc.

About individual information

We comply with laws related to individual information protection.
Individual information input into the site will be used only for applied purposes.
We shall not disclose the input individual information to the third party without being permitted by the individual, except for that we must disclose or provide the information according to the law. Moreover, we shall also manage the information reasonably and seriously to prevent the third party from accessing the individual information of our customers.